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  • Busser
  • Beach Servers
  • Beach Maintenance

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Employment History

Beginning with your current or most recent job, list all previous and provide description of duties. If applicable, include military and unpaid volunteer experience, and provide explanation for dates of unemployment.


I hereby agree to have an assigned Docks Beach House representative contact anyone necessary to investigate or verify any information I have given on this application, or to discuss my background , past performance, or my suitability for employment. I further agree to have my work background discussed by any previous employer contacted, and waive all my rights to bring any action for defamation, invasion of privacy, or any similar cause of action against anyone contacted as a result of what is said about me. I also understand that the information I supply could be checked and that any false statement or omission of fact or facts in connection with this Application for Employment will result in no offer of employment or dismissal from Docks Beach House if I am already employed.

This form is part of the initial phase of the employment process. It is imperative that all questions are answered in detail. All information is confidential.

This document will be used to verify your personal background. Any false, misleading, incomplete or untruthful responses to any questions will disqualify you from the process.